via Daily Prompt: Zing!

Zing! Here comes the moment that I realize that I’m lazy.

Zing! Here is me trying to study for my bar exams and instead I write a post about Zing.

Zing! “You have to concentrate” I say to myself.

Zing! “In a moment, I must finish this post before I will be able to concentrate again” I respond to myself.

Zing! Just a moment ago I read a post about “DESPERATELY PROCRASTINATING”


Zing! Zing is every thought that runs through my head, not letting me do what I must do.



7 thoughts on “Zing!

  1. Nice one. Like your need to post before you concentrate, sometimes I get a song stuck in my head (seems deeper than that, almost stuck in my blood stream); then, I can’t let that song go until I break out my ukulele and start jamming.

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