Success? Depends on who you ask…

Successful is me in my mother’s eyes. Successful is, almost, everyone else that surrounds me, but me – in my eyes.

Success means almost everything and nothing to me at the same time. I don’t even know how to measure it nor to understand it.

Does success also mean happiness? Or maybe happiness by itself means that one is successful? Is money or a good job considered success? And what if it means being enslaved to it, does it still count? And if it makes you unhappy, does it still count? Is achieving goals enough to be successful? And if my goals are just to do nothing and “survive” life without doing anything remarkable – Will I still be counted as successful if I will achieve it? Can one be a successful loser? Can success be replaced with value and quality?

What makes one successful? who can really tell? Is there a right answer? Probably not. And again, everything is being measured and judged with tools such as interpretation and relativity.








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