I think my mind overworked

via Daily Prompt: Overworkedconfusion_11

When I saw that the daily one-word prompt is ‘overworked’ I thought to myself “well, this is nothing that I can work with”. So, I moved on to the next thought, which wasn’t even related to the prior.

It took only a little while until I finally understood – my mind is overworking all the time. He is re-thinking the same thoughts over and over again, and if that is not enough he is doing so in circles.

So, it looks like this: “mmm, I have no job… I must find a job. But what do I want to do? Mmm, I don’t know, maybe something that would make me happy. Mmm, makes sense. But, my English isn’t good enough and I am kind of embarrassed to use it in “official” situations. O.K., so let’s work on it! Great idea!”

And a few minutes later “mmm, I can’t keep sitting here all day long. I must find a job. Yep! Mmm, but my English is not good enough… mmm right, right… so, let’s work on it. Great Idea”.

I admit it, sometimes I do have different thoughts but this is how my life looks like right now, in general. And the consequence is – my mind is overworked and I cannot make it think of something new.


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